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Genetic Opportunities For Sale

This is a quick list of the genetics that are currently available from Kueffner Holsteins. Links to the cow's page provides additional information such as offspring, the cow's pedigree, photo and production information available. Please e-mail us with your information request or call us at 301-432-6340.

Cattle For Sale:



  • June 11, 2022 - Duckett Summer Selections Sale 2 - Rudolph WI

    • Bambi sells fresh off her wins in Maryland and Ohio. You can be the next one to take her to the winner’s circle!
    • Harcliff Solo Bambi VG88-2Y EX MS

      Fresh in February with her 2nd calf. Owned with Rodney Hetts

      • 2022 Mid-East Spring National – 1st Sr. 3-Year Old, Intermediate Champion & HM Grand Champion
      • 2022 Maryland Spring Show – 1st Sr. 3-Year Old, Intermediate Champion & Grand Champion
      • 2021 Maryland State Fair – 2nd Sr. 2-Year Old, pulled out for Intermediate Champion
      • 2021 Mideast Spring National – 2nd Sr. 2-Year Old, pulled out for Intermediate Champion
      • 2020 Nominated All-American Yearling in Milk
      • 2020 Nominated Jr. All-American Yearling in Milk

      Solomon x Ms Bikasa Atwood Briley EX91 x Regancrest Mac Bikasa EX-CAN x Regancrest-PR Barbie EX92 GMD DOM

    • Consigned by Kueffner & Hetts.

    Kueffner Kows

May 28, 2022, 11:00am - Ohio Spring Classic Sale – Woodruff Farms, Urbana, OH -- Five show age heifers with DEEP pedigrees:

  • Fancy Ferdinand Winter Calf from Dixie sells! This pedigree breeds winners – DIXIE EX94 x DASHER EX95 x VERONICA! You won’t miss her in the lineup.
  • 2 VIP Winter Calves from the Mamies! Dam is an EX Barnabas and granddam is Underground Centurion Mamie EX92. These calves have 9 Excellent dams!
  • Look for our Fall calf from the Evening family at Bridon. Dam is EX91-max Viral, then EX92-3E Legion x EX91-2E Sambo x EVENING. She is sired by a Black Apple son from EX Hired Gun (All-American Summer Yearling) x EX Vindication x TJ Classic Minister Venus.
  • Chrome Fall calf from 3 ABA All-American dams! Her dam is Elliotts COSMO Action EX93 then COMET EX95 and VERONICA. Imagine what kind of a milking yearling she could make.



IVF Embryos Sire Number  


Conventional Embryos Sire Number  
MS Apple Anzlee EX 92 Mr McCut Dante 407 (sexed) 3 #1
Kueffner Kows




From time to time we will have young bulls available for sale and will list them here. Also, you are always welcome to contact us at anytime.