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kueffner kows

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cattle are an investment... and one of my greatest investments started 20 years ago with alanvale inspiration tina, plus there have been so many others along the way--ashlyn, chassity, barbara, etc. working with five generations of cattle over the the past two decades has taken tremendous thought and effort but watching the resulting progeny develop is by far my greatest pleasure. years of planning, careful matings and great cow families are the cornerstone of my holsteins.
our partners... i have had many great cattle partners over the years with similar cow philosophies. i appreciate those partners and the faith they've put in my ability to develop cattle.

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dam: tri-day ashlyn 2e 96
sire: stormatic

ambrosia's page

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ambrosia her milking daughters:
ex-92 goldwyn addison | ex-92 goldwyn adeline
ex-91 toystory amaretto | vg-89 2yr goldwyn amora
vg-88 2yr goldwyn ambrose | vg-87 2yr goldwyn amber
vg-87 2yr goldwyn amiable | vg-87 2yr baxter abigail
vg-87 2yr baxter aubrey | vg-86 2yr shottle assert
fresh jet aloha*rc vg 87 2y

other daughters sired by:
jet-red | fever | sid
ambrosia dtr: addison ex 92 sire:goldwyn ambrosia dtr: amaretto ex 91 sire:toystory amaretto's alexander dtr: ms amaretto alexa amada vg87
addison amaretto amada
ambrosia dtr: amberpart time remote jobs disneysire: goldwyn ambrosia's dtr: abigail vg 87 2yr sire:baxter ambrosia dtr: alluring --sire: sid born:sept 2011
amber abigail alluring
ambrosia dtr: adeline ex 92 sire:goldwyn +1945gtpi adeline's aftershock daughter adine  
adeline adine  
ambrosia dtr: aloha part time remote jobs disney sire: jet-red ambrosia dtr: asterisk sire: fever ambrosia dtr: always rc sire: jet-red
aloha asterisk always
ambrosia's gr'dtr: astroid part time remote jobs disneysire baxter, dam by goldwyn is vg 89   ms ernest-anthony amazon vg 87 - goldwyn x amanda vg 88 x ambrosia 2e 95
astroid   amazon

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dam: tri-day ashlyn 2e 96
sire: stormatic

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her milking daughters:
ex 91 goldwyn astonish
vg-88 2yr goldwyn astoria
vg-87 2yr goldwyn acoustic
vg 86 2yr goldwyn accolade

aphrodite's page

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other daughters sired by:
jordan | windbrook

her full sisters
2e-95 ambrosia | ex-92 audrey

maternal sister
ex-91 jasper aisha
accolade part time remote jobs disney sire:goldwyn - full of potential! astonish ex 91 sire: goldwyn astonish's shottle dtr: amaze vg 87 2yr
acccolade astonish amaze

ernest-anthony tyra-et 2e 94

ernest-anthony tyra-et 2e 94 tyra's dtr ernest-anthony tara 2e 92 by gibson

sire: fraeland leadoff
tyra's family page


  • ernest-anthony thriller ex-95
  • ex-93 stormatic triumph
  • ex-92 gibson tara
  • vg-88 2yr sanchez tempted
  • alexander terrific
tyra tara
thriller ex 95 tyra's daughter by aspen thriller dtr by goldwyn - taffeta b:sept 2011 thriller dtr by goldwyn - thrilling b:sept 2011
thriller taffeta thrilling
tempted vg 88 2yr tyra's sanchez dtr!   tabloid - ex 94 tabitha's sanchez dtr vg 88 2yr!
tempted   tabloid
tabitha ex 94 sire:goldwyn- 2e 92 gibson tara's dtr tabitha's dtr by sanchez: taboo part time remote jobs disney+2022gtpi tabitha's dtr by aftershock: trapeze - gtpi +2122
tabitha trapeze
triumph ex 93 sire:stormatic trinket: triumph's gr'dtr by atwood from laurin dtr teagan ex 90 - tara's jasper dtr
triumph trinket teagan

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daughters sired by:

part time job tacomaOther duties as may be assigned.part time 0 hour contract jobs

  • goldwyn
  • attitude-red (they are red!)
  • l’authority
barbaras goldwyn daughter - bella barbara's goldwyn dtr - bridget rc! barbara's full sister sells: mdf talent barbara 37
bridget bridget-rc barbara

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part time remote jobs disney

part time remote jobs disney

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tobi tina
sire: marcrest encore
4-09 365d 43,090 4.8 2079 3.5 1503
  • supreme champion 2001
  • international holstein show
  • eastern national holstein show
  • royal agricultural winter fair
  • maryland state fair
  • dam of ambrosia, aphrodite, aisha

sire: browndale stardust
2-6 2x 365d 24080 4.5 1078 3.4 811
3-8 2x 365d 34408 6.0 2076 3.6 1230

  • all canadian 5 yr old 2001
  • res all american 5 yr old 2001
  • 1st 5 yr old & res grand champion royal agricultural winter fair 2001.
  • best bred & owned at royal winter fair 2001
  • sister of tyra

sire:hanoverhill inspiration

7-6 2x 365d 35,350 4.1 1441 3.4 1187

  • dam of tobi 2e 96
  • 3x reserve all-american
  • 5x nominated all-american
  • 1992 all canadian junior 3 yr old
  • 1993 eastern national supreme champion
  • 1995 res sr & res grand champion international holstein show
  • 1996 1st aged cow international holstein show

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part time remote jobs disney

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sammy broker amy

sire: townson lindy-et
3-3 2x 364d 29717 4.6 1378 3.3 994

  • all american jr two yr old 1997
  • 1st jr two yr old international holstein 1997
  • 1st jr two yr old fall eastern national 1997

sire: lystel leduc
2-08 365d 25,230 5.2 1301 3.8 953
4-11 470d 34,065 6.3 2151 3.6 1239
7-02 365d 36,031 7.5 2709 3.4 1218

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dam: hygerian samantha 2e 93

sire: conant-acres-jy broker-et
6-9 2s 305d 39890 3.8 1530 3.4 1341


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part time remote jobs disney

part time remote jobs disney

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counselor vivian chassity

sire: donnandale skychief

3-11 365d 37,300 3.5 1299 3.2 1177
5-11 365d 43,443 3.6 1551 3.0 1296
5-11 749d 62,431 3.8 2349 3.3 2032
8-03 365d 44,305 4.6 2059 3.1 1361

  • 2007 all-american 125,000# cow
  • 1st production cow, sr champion & grand champion 2007 eastern states exposition
  • 1st 125,000 lb. cow, best udder & hm sr champion 2007 pa all-american dairy show
  • 1st 125,000# cow, bu in class at the 2007 ny spring show!
  • 1st aged cow 2005 new york spring show!
  • 1st 5-year old, best udder & reserve senior champion at mid-east fall national

sire: carnation counselor

6-02 2x 347d 34510 4.3 1493 3.3 1150
lifetime: 127,263 4.1 5214 3.2 4072

huntshaven starbuck vivian vg 88
6-8 365d 25,520 3.3 844 3.0 774

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dam of skychief vivian 4e 96

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sire: picston shottle
2-01 2x 365d 36,682 4.3 1567 3.1 1124

sold for $1,500,000 as a package with several sons and daughters in the 2009 international intrigue sale
• dam of gold chip gtpi+2450 - #2 genomic sire 4/11


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comet 2012 sofie

sire: sooner centurion

2-00 334d 19,527 5.5 1059 4.1 766
2-11 365d 25,815 5.1 1272 4.1 1054
4-09 365d 24,568 5.6 1400 4.0 977
6-08 365d 24,442 5.6 1434 3.6 955
8-06 365d 21,721 5.7 1239 3.9 853
dam: genesis renaissance vivianne vg 87
next 5 dams all ex or superior ex!

sire: furor

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2-02 365d 23,150 4.3 991 3.6 843
3-07 305d 18,097 6.0 1077 3.6 652
4-06 365d 22,914 6.3 1449 3.6 827

sire renaissance)
4-04 305 21505 5.2 1117 3.8 815
1st 4 year old eastern spring national 2000
four vg dams in canada

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ernie kueffner & terri packard
ernie kueffner & terri packard
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