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Current News/Sales

2/25/19: Upcoming Consignments! March Holstein World Ad

  • Midwest Spring Special Jersey Sale – March 22nd, Rochester, MN: TWO daughters of ROSEY sell! They are fall calves sired by CHROME and VIRAL! Consigned with Mike & Linda Hellenbrand.
  • The Franchise Kind – March 23rd, Ashville, OH: Three sell from winning pedigrees!
    • First live offering from RADIANT! Her ANDREAS Fall Calf is a sweetheart. Only daughter of Radiant to sell in 2019.
    • ANDREAS Fall Calf from Elliotts COSMO Action EX93 sells. She has 3 All-American dams and is ready to hit the show ring herself!
    • Dec. ’18 CHROME from Torpedo maternal sister to Casino sells. She is A2A2 and +151GJPI +26GJUI (2/19). Next dams – Cinema EX93, Chilli EX91 & Circus EX97!
  • Best of Triple-T & Heath – March 28th, Columbus, OH: The first CASINO to be offered from ROSEY! She is a fancy fall calf – her sisters Radiant & Roxie were HM All-American Produce in 2018. Consigned with Mike & Linda Hellenbrand.
  • PostTime at Ratliff’s II – May 3rd, Garnett, KS: CASINO Winter Calf from Marynole Excite ROSEY sells! Consigned with Mike & Linda Hellenbrand.

2/19/19: Classification: Arethusa Fever Almira is now EX 95!! Featured on Ashlyn Descendants page- Read January 2019 Holstein International Article on Ashlyn- The cow with the most EX daughters in the World!


All-American Results

Brown Swiss –

Jersey –

  • DOTTIE – HM All-American Aged Cow
  • RADIANT – Unanimous All-American Jr 3-yr old
  • CISCO – HM All-American Yearling in Milk
  • CONFETTI – Reserve All-American Fall Yearling
  • LUCKY – Reserve All-American Spring Calf
  • JR BEST THREE – Reserve All-American (Confetti, Ravish & Sophie)
  • SR BEST THREE – HM All-American (Radiant, Cisco & Chicago)
  • PRODUCE OF CINEMA – Reserve All-American (Cisco & Chicago)
  • PRODUCE OF ROSEY – HM All-American (Radiant & Roxie)

1/11/19: All-American Nominations

Jersey –

Brown Swiss –

Holstein –

11/17/18: Show Results:

National Jersey Jug Futurity

All-American Jersey Show:

  • Cisco – 3rd Milking Yearling (Vitality x Cinema)
  • Chicago – 6th Milking Yearling (Applejack x Cinema owned with Hellenbrands)
  • Radiant – Reserve Intermediate Champion & Best Bred and Owned
  • 1st Senior Best Three Females – Radiant, Cisco & Chicago
  • Maryland – 1st State Herd

Mid-East Fall National Holstein Show:

Royal Winter Fair Jersey Show:

  • Humming BT Finalist Dottie – 1st Mature Cow & Best Udder

10/3/18: World Dairy Expo - Jersey Show -

  • South Mountain Voltage Radiant - EX 91: (Voltage x Rosey) – 1st Jr. 3-yr old, Intermediate Champion & Reserve Grand Champion
  • LUCKY - 2nd Spring Calf (Fizz), owned with Mike & Linda Hellenbrand
  • RAVISH - 7th Spring Yearling (Colton x RADIANT)
  • RESTLESS - 3rd Winter Yearling (Applejack x Rosel family)
  • CONFETTI - 2nd Fall Yearling (Applejack x Cinema)
  • JR BEST THREE - 2nd
  • CISCO - 2nd Yearling in Milk (Vitality x Cinema)
  • CHICAGO - 4th Yearling in Milk (Applejack x Cinema), owned with Mike & Linda Hellenbrand
  • DOTTIE - 5th Aged Cow, owned with Mike & Linda Hellenbrand
  • STATE HERD – Maryland

10/3/18: World Dairy Expo - Brown Swiss Show

  • SNOW ANGEL - 1st Winter Yearling & Reserve Junior Champion (Carter x Wonderment), owned with Mike & Linda Hellenbrand
  • GOOD LUCK - 1st Sr. 2-yr old & Best Udder (Goliath x Bonanza), owned with Cindy Warner

9/26/18: Anzlee now EX 92 and Akasha EX 91

9/10/18: List of results from Maryland State Fair –

  • Jersey Show: Premier Breeder of Show
    • RADIANT (Voltage x Rosey) – 1st Jr. 3-yr old, Intermediate Champion & Reserve Grand Champion
    • JOSIE (Colton x Jem) – 5th Jr. 2-yr old
    • CISCO (Vitality x Cinema) – 1st Milking Yearling
    • CHICAGO (Applejack x Cinema) – 2nd Milking Yearling, owned with Mike & Linda Hellenbrand
    • CONFETTI  (Applejack x Cinema) – 1st Fall Yearling
    • RAVISH (Colton x Radiant) – 2nd Spring Yearling
    • JEMINI (Showdown x Jem) – 2nd Summer Yearling
    • MOONSTRUCK – 3rd Fall Calf, owned with Cybil Fisher
    • 1st place Exhibitor’s Herd
    • 1st place Produce of Dam (Cisco & Chicago)
    • 1st place Dam & Daughter (Radiant & Ravish)
    • 2nd Senior Best Three Females
    • 2nd Junior Best Three Females
  • Red & White Holstein:
    • HOT MESS – 1st Summer Yearling, owned with Entourage-LLR
  • Brown Swiss:
    • AMARILLO – 1st Fall Calf & Reserve Junior Champion, owned with Mike & Linda Hellenbrand
    • GEE WIZ – 3rd Spring Calf, owned with Cindy Warner
  • 35th Miss Maryland Holstein Futurity Winner – Ms Apples ANZLEE!
    Anzlee also named production winner of the futurity
  • Holstein Show:
    • ANZLEE – Reserve Intermediate Champion (Futurity winners compete for Int. Champion)
    • ALMIRA – 1st Aged Cow & HM Senior Champion
    • DEZI – 1st Production Cow, Senior & Grand Champion
    • DEZI – Supreme Champion Maryland State Fair for third time (2015, 2017 & 2018)

Brown Swiss Classification:

  • Rad-ical Goliath GOOD LUCK VG89 with EX Mammary! Owned with Cindy Warner

8/13/18 Jersey Classification results:

  • Heaths Colton Jacinta VG88 @ 1-11!!! She is the 2017 All-American Fall Calf & she sells as Lot 63 in Focus on Fall! Her Gentry June calf is Lot 64. Owned with Entourage-LLR & Mike McConnell
  • Hired Gun Venus TJ Classic VG88 @ 2-02. The reigning All-American & ABA All-American Summer Yearling sells as Lot 65! Owned with Mike McConnell
  • South Mountain Colton Josie VG88 @2-05her impressive Showdown Spring Calf is Lot 79 in Focus on Fall! This family breeds winners, generation after generation.
  • Elliotts Vitality Cisco VG88 @ 1-11 (Vitality x Cinema)
  • Elliotts AJ Chicago VG87 @ 1-11 (Applejack x Cinema) owned with Mike & Linda Hellenbrand
  • Elliotts AJ Cinderella VG86 @ 1-11 fresh 30 days (Applejack x Cinema). Cinderella sells as Lot 68! Her July 4th Tequila daughter also sells.

June 16: Maryland Jersey Field Day:

  • JIOVANNA - 1st Jr. 2-yr old, Senior Champion & Grand Champion
  • DASH - 1st Sr. 2-yr old
  • SPRITE - 3rd Jr. 2-yr old
  • JUNIOR BEST THREE FEMALES - 1st (Confetti, Ravish & Jemini)
  • CONFETTI - 2nd Fall Yearling
  • RAVISH - 1st Spring Yearling
  • JEMINI - 1st Summer Yearling & HM Jr Champion
  • MY LADY - 2nd Winter Calf

June 20: Jersey Appraisal:

MS Gold Barbara Brooke - is now EX 91! 2nd Lactation - Doorman X Gold Barbara!

4/9/18: Northeast Spring National Holstein Show

4/8/18: New York Spring Brown Swiss Show

4/8/18: New York Spring Jersey Show

  • Premier Breeder & Premier Exhibitor of the Heifer Show!
    • Elliotts Vitality Cisco – 2nd Fall Yearling (Vitality x Cinema)
    • Elliotts AJ Chicago – 3rd Fall Yearling (Applejack x Cinema) owned with Mike & Linda Hellenbrand
    • Heaths Colton Jacinta – 4th Fall Yearling – purchased in The Best of Triple T & Heath with Entourage-LLR & Mike McConnell
    • SV Applejack Restless – 5th Winter Yearling
    • South Mountain Colton Ravish – 2nd Spring Yearling (Colton x Radiant)
    • South Mountain Showdown Jemini – 5th Summer Yearling (Showdown x Tequila Jem)
  • South Mountain Colton Josie – 1st Jr 2-yr old, Best Udder & Best Bred & Owned (Colton x Tequila Jem)
  • Elliotts Regency Corrina VG89 – 2nd Jr 3-yr old (Regency x Cinema) owned by Entourage-LLR & Heath
  • South Mountain Santanas Spirit – 3rd 4-yr old (Comerica x Santana) owned by Rivendale Farms
  • Elliotts Blackstone Charlotte – 1st Aged Cow (Blackstone x Comet) owned by Rivendale Farms

2/5/18: Brown Swiss All-American results:

2/5/18: New page added for Important Jerseys and Brown Swiss from Tremendous Families!

1/13/18: Embryos available list updated- embryos from Thriller EX 95, Rosey EX 94, Barbara Brooke, Apple Akasha and Cosmo Action! Check them out!

New photos now online. EX 93 Cinema's super daughters by Fizz, Vitality and Applejack! Also Gold Barbara's daughter by Sid and Granddaughter from Doorman Brooke - she is by McCutchen!

1/9/18: Jersey All-American results:

  • Reserve All-American Jr. 2-yr old - Radiant
  • Reserve All-American - Senior Best Three Females
  • All-American Summer Yearling - Venus
  • Reserve All-American Winter Calf - Restless
  • All-American Junior Best Three Females
  • Unanimous All-American 5-yr old – Charlotte (owned by Rivendale Farm)

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