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Current News/Sales

7/17/19 - Site updated with embryos for sale from Almira EX 95 and Anzlee EX 92 - check them out!

  • Gold Barbara EX 95 96MS GMD- Now Gold Medal Dam! page updated with new photos of 3 daughters and a complete listing of many more high scoring daughters!

Summer Shows 2019 Results

Maryland Jersey Field Day:

  • Ravishing Ruby - 1st Spring Calf (Casino x Ravish VG88-2Y x Radiant x Rosey) owned with Hetts, Friend & Taggart-Friend
  • Royale - 1st Winter Calf (Casino x Rosey) owned with Hellenbrands
  • Ramblin' Rose - 1st Fall Calf & Junior Champion (Applejack x Rosey) owned with Kaitlyn Corbett and Hellenbrands
  • Request - 3rd Fall Calf (Viral x Rosey) owned with Hellenbrands
  • Champagne - 2nd Summer Yearling & pulled out for Jr. Champion (Fizz x Cosmo x Comet x Veronica)
  • 1st Jr Best Three Females - Rose, Request & Royale
  • Darling - 2nd Jr. 2-yr old (Premier x Dixie x Dasher x Veronica)
  • Restless - 1st Sr. 2-yr old, Senior Champion & Grand Champion (Applejack with 10 EX dams back to Rosel)
  • Sprite - 1st Jr. 3-yr old, HM Senior & Grand Champion (Premier x Comerica Spirit x Santana x Sabrina x Bri-Lin Rens Sofie)

Maryland Guernsey Field Day:

  • Trump - 1st Summer Yearling, Reserve Junior Champion & Reserve Grand Champion owned with Hellenbrand & Daniel Basse.

5/8/19: Jersey Classification Results

  • South Mountain Premier SPRITE EX91 @2-11 (fresh 26 days) - Premier x Comerica Spirit EX91, Intermediate Champion 2017 Royal Winter Fair. 4th dam is Bri-Lin Rens Sofie EX.
    • Colton Summer Yearling daughter sells in Ohio Spring Classic.
  • South Mountain Colton JOSIE EX90 – Colton x Tequila Jem EX93 x Julianna family
    • Showdown Spring Yearling daughter sells in Ohio Spring Classic.
  • South Mountain Colton RAVISH VG88 @2-01 – Colton x Voltage Radiant EX91, Reserve Grand Champion 2018 WDE. Owned with Dean & Sue Friend and Rodney Hetts.
  • Dixies Premier DARLING VG87 – HM Intermediate Champion NY Spring Show 2019. Premier x HG Dixie EX94 x Furor Dasher EX95 x Veronica
  • Unique HP HUMILITY VG86 – Excitation x Remake Honey EX92 x 5 more EX & VG dams
    • Her Casino Spring Calf sells in Ohio Spring Classic
  • Elliotts AJ CONFETTI VG85 – Res. All-American Fall Yearling 2018. Applejack x Cinema EX93, HM Grand Champion WDE 2015.
    • Confetti sells in Ohio Spring Classic.

5/4/19: New Section Updated! - Cattle For Sale at Private Treaty!

  • Check out the deep pedigreed show age calves for sale!

4/16/19: New York Spring Shows:


  • DOTTIE EX94 - 2nd Aged Cow, HM Senior & HM Grand Champion. Owned with Mike & Linda Hellenbrand.
  • DARLING (Premier x Dixie x Dasher x Veronica) - 2nd Jr. 2-yr old & HM Intermediate Champion fresh 4 weeks.
  • RAVISH (Colton x Radiant x Rosey) - 3rd Jr. 2-yr old fresh 4 weeks. Owned with Deane & Sue Friend and Rodney Hetts.
  • JR BEST THREE - 1st (Ramblin' Rose, Rascal & Radar Love)
  • CHAMPAGNE (Fizz x Cosmo x Comet x Veronica) - 5th Summer Yrlg
  • RAMBLIN' ROSE (Applejack x Rosey) - 1st Fall Calf and Best Bred & Owned. Owned with Mike & Linda Hellenbrand and Kaitlyn Corbett.
  • RASCAL (Andreas x Radiant x Rosey) - 2nd Fall Calf. Owned by Rivendale Farms.
  • RADAR LOVE (Applejack x Rosey) - 10th Fall Calf. Owned with Mike & Linda Hellenbrand.


  • GEE WIZ (Wizdom x Good Luck VG89) - 2nd Spring Yrlg and Best Bred & Owned. Owned with Cindy Warner.
  • AMARILLO (Wizdom x 2E91 Amber x 3E93 Flyhi x Fern) - 4th Fall Yearling. Owned with Mike & Linda Hellenbrand.
  • TRUMP (Latimer x Twyla x Tami) - 2nd Summer Yrlg and Best Bred & Owned. Owned with Daniel Basse & Mike & Linda Hellenbrand.


  • Ernest-Anthony Sid ALANE EX90-2nd lactation (fresh a month) – ALANE has 4 generations of All-American dams and International Show class winners! Her silky black DOORMAN March calf is available!
  • Ernest-Anthony TEASE VG86-2Y (fresh a month) – TEASE is a Golden Dreams from THRILLER EX95 x TYRA 2E94 x TINA 2E96! She could be the next name you know from this family – developing more every week. Her SOLOMON March calf is built just like her – tall and long with a wide, flat rump. She is available!

2/19/19: Classification: Arethusa Fever Almira is now EX 95!! Featured on Ashlyn Descendants page- Read January 2019 Holstein International Article on Ashlyn- The cow with the most EX daughters in the World!


All-American Results

Brown Swiss –

Jersey –

  • DOTTIE – HM All-American Aged Cow
  • RADIANT – Unanimous All-American Jr 3-yr old
  • CISCO – HM All-American Yearling in Milk
  • CONFETTI – Reserve All-American Fall Yearling
  • LUCKY – Reserve All-American Spring Calf
  • JR BEST THREE – Reserve All-American (Confetti, Ravish & Sophie)
  • SR BEST THREE – HM All-American (Radiant, Cisco & Chicago)
  • PRODUCE OF CINEMA – Reserve All-American (Cisco & Chicago)
  • PRODUCE OF ROSEY – HM All-American (Radiant & Roxie)

1/11/19: All-American Nominations

Jersey –

Brown Swiss –

Holstein –

11/17/18: Show Results:

National Jersey Jug Futurity

All-American Jersey Show:

  • Cisco – 3rd Milking Yearling (Vitality x Cinema)
  • Chicago – 6th Milking Yearling (Applejack x Cinema owned with Hellenbrands)
  • Radiant – Reserve Intermediate Champion & Best Bred and Owned
  • 1st Senior Best Three Females – Radiant, Cisco & Chicago
  • Maryland – 1st State Herd

Mid-East Fall National Holstein Show:

Royal Winter Fair Jersey Show:

10/3/18: World Dairy Expo - Jersey Show -

  • South Mountain Voltage Radiant - EX 91: (Voltage x Rosey) – 1st Jr. 3-yr old, Intermediate Champion & Reserve Grand Champion
  • LUCKY - 2nd Spring Calf (Fizz), owned with Mike & Linda Hellenbrand
  • RAVISH - 7th Spring Yearling (Colton x RADIANT)
  • RESTLESS - 3rd Winter Yearling (Applejack x Rosey family)
  • CONFETTI - 2nd Fall Yearling (Applejack x Cinema)
  • JR BEST THREE - 2nd
  • CISCO - 2nd Yearling in Milk (Vitality x Cinema)
  • CHICAGO - 4th Yearling in Milk (Applejack x Cinema), owned with Mike & Linda Hellenbrand
  • DOTTIE - 5th Aged Cow, owned with Mike & Linda Hellenbrand
  • STATE HERD – Maryland

10/3/18: World Dairy Expo - Brown Swiss Show

  • SNOW ANGEL - 1st Winter Yearling & Reserve Junior Champion (Carter x Wonderment), owned with Mike & Linda Hellenbrand
  • GOOD LUCK - 1st Sr. 2-yr old & Best Udder (Goliath x Bonanza), owned with Cindy Warner

9/26/18: Anzlee now EX 92 and Akasha EX 91

9/10/18: List of results from Maryland State Fair –

  • Jersey Show: Premier Breeder of Show
    • RADIANT (Voltage x Rosey) – 1st Jr. 3-yr old, Intermediate Champion & Reserve Grand Champion
    • JOSIE (Colton x Jem) – 5th Jr. 2-yr old
    • CISCO (Vitality x Cinema) – 1st Milking Yearling
    • CHICAGO (Applejack x Cinema) – 2nd Milking Yearling, owned with Mike & Linda Hellenbrand
    • CONFETTI  (Applejack x Cinema) – 1st Fall Yearling
    • RAVISH (Colton x Radiant) – 2nd Spring Yearling
    • JEMINI (Showdown x Jem) – 2nd Summer Yearling
    • MOONSTRUCK – 3rd Fall Calf, owned with Cybil Fisher
    • 1st place Exhibitor’s Herd
    • 1st place Produce of Dam (Cisco & Chicago)
    • 1st place Dam & Daughter (Radiant & Ravish)
    • 2nd Senior Best Three Females
    • 2nd Junior Best Three Females
  • Red & White Holstein:
    • HOT MESS – 1st Summer Yearling, owned with Entourage-LLR
  • Brown Swiss:
    • AMARILLO – 1st Fall Calf & Reserve Junior Champion, owned with Mike & Linda Hellenbrand
    • GEE WIZ – 3rd Spring Calf, owned with Cindy Warner
  • 35th Miss Maryland Holstein Futurity Winner – Ms Apples ANZLEE!
    Anzlee also named production winner of the futurity
  • Holstein Show:
    • ANZLEE – Reserve Intermediate Champion (Futurity winners compete for Int. Champion)
    • ALMIRA – 1st Aged Cow & HM Senior Champion
    • DEZI – 1st Production Cow, Senior & Grand Champion
    • DEZI – Supreme Champion Maryland State Fair for third time (2015, 2017 & 2018)

Brown Swiss Classification:

8/13/18 Jersey Classification results:

  • Heaths Colton Jacinta VG88 @ 1-11!!! She is the 2017 All-American Fall Calf & she sells as Lot 63 in Focus on Fall! Her Gentry June calf is Lot 64. Owned with Entourage-LLR & Mike McConnell
  • Hired Gun Venus TJ Classic VG88 @ 2-02. The reigning All-American & ABA All-American Summer Yearling sells as Lot 65! Owned with Mike McConnell
  • South Mountain Colton Josie VG88 @2-05her impressive Showdown Spring Calf is Lot 79 in Focus on Fall! This family breeds winners, generation after generation.
  • Elliotts Vitality Cisco VG88 @ 1-11 (Vitality x Cinema)
  • Elliotts AJ Chicago VG87 @ 1-11 (Applejack x Cinema) owned with Mike & Linda Hellenbrand
  • Elliotts AJ Cinderella VG86 @ 1-11 fresh 30 days (Applejack x Cinema). Cinderella sells as Lot 68! Her July 4th Tequila daughter also sells.

June 16: Maryland Jersey Field Day:

  • JIOVANNA - 1st Jr. 2-yr old, Senior Champion & Grand Champion
  • DASH - 1st Sr. 2-yr old
  • SPRITE - 3rd Jr. 2-yr old
  • JUNIOR BEST THREE FEMALES - 1st (Confetti, Ravish & Jemini)
  • CONFETTI - 2nd Fall Yearling
  • RAVISH - 1st Spring Yearling
  • JEMINI - 1st Summer Yearling & HM Jr Champion
  • MY LADY - 2nd Winter Calf

June 20: Jersey Appraisal:

MS Gold Barbara Brooke - is now EX 91! 2nd Lactation - Doorman X Gold Barbara!


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